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Xcalliber's Tale

Michelle Bartlett

Dex thinks he is one lucky dog. It seems like just another day at Safe Haven kennels until he is befriended by Winston, a wise foxhound whose advice allows him to win a kind mistress, Aleta. She takes him away from the kennels and gives him a good home. Renamed Xcalliber, he settles in and makes fine new friends with her other pets.


So begins Xcalliber’s new life, but are his problems only just beginning? There’s trouble ahead when he discovers his mistress suffers from a recurring illness, caused by a secret too dark to talk about.


Will Xcalliber prove to be a more important part of Aleta’s family than anyone could expect? Or when he comes face to face with more than he can take, will his loyalty and love for his mistress buckle?


Will Xcalliber have a tale to wag, or slink out with a whimper? 

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Published by Austin Macauley Publishers 


ISBN: 9781786128201 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9781786128218 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9781786128225 (eBook) 


Genre: Children’s fiction / Animals / Entertainment 



Paperback:  $15.95

Hardcover:  $25.95