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About the Author

Michelle Bartlett  was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1968. She lived on a farm with her parents and two older sisters where her father worked as an animal technician for the government. She and her sisters attended the local Primary School and Michelle enjoyed her carefree childhood immensely as she was surrounded by her animals such as a poodle, named Misty, frogs, goats, marmoset monkeys and sheep.

The family then shifted to the suburbs where Michelle graduated from Primary School to High School. During this time her parents bought her her first horse, William Tel, as her passion for horses was unwavering. She and her sister competed successfully in the local gymkhanas and then later, with her second horse, Flight Talk, competed in eventing.

When Michelle was fifteen years old she went for an interview for a vetinary nurse position but was told she’d never obtain a job as one as she had a horse and the hours were too demanding if she still intended to keep riding.

Disillusioned for many years, when Michelle graduated from year twelve in High School she worked at the local department store in administration before embarking on an Associate Diploma in Accounting. Establishing a career in Finance and Administration including having her own bookkeeping business she also began her first book, Xcalliber’s Tale.

Now Michelle lives on a small hobby farm in the beautiful Adelaide hills with her husband, son and animals. She has an incredibly close family and extended family and loves nothing more than spending time with them along with her other two children.

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Michelle Bartlett, AuthorMichelle Bartlett, Author